Who is Tony Bobulinski? Wiki, Net Worth, Biography, Age, Wife

Hunter Biden’s business partner, Tony Bobulinski, is a former Navy lieutenant. Hunter Biden’s former associate has gone on the record to express his dissatisfaction with former Vice President Joe Biden, telling Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson that the elder Biden was more involved in his son’s overseas business transactions than he has admitted.

Tony Bobulinski claimed that emails, text conversations, and audio recordings he released show that the Democratic presidential nominee was involved in a 2017 business transaction with a Chinese company.

Joe Biden was aware of one of his son’s potential business endeavors with a Chinese oil corporation, according to Bobulinski, a retired Navy officer. Bobulinski claimed he had many meetings with the Biden family.

Hunter Biden met with his father in 2017 about starting a new business with CEFC China Energy Co. to invest in real estate and technology in the United States, according to Bobulinski. James Gillian, an English businessman who allegedly knew the Bidens through Rob Walker, a former Clinton administration official, drew Bobulinski into the endeavor.

SinoHawk Holdings LLC was founded by Bobulinski, who became a partner and CEO. In May of 2017, the corporation was incorporated in Delaware.

Some of Bobulinski’s records were given to sources like Fox News and the Wall Street Journal. Both indicated that there is no evidence that Joe Biden had any commercial contacts with SinoHawk Holdings or received funds from the Chinese firm.

Bobulinski stated he met with the elder Biden twice, once in May 2017 at Hunter and James Biden’s request and the other time in November 2017. Hunter Biden had alerted his father about the endeavor, according to Bobulinski, but the group “didn’t get into too much detail on business” during the discussion, according to Carlson.

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